Best Bathroom Runners- 10 Most-Popular Choices & In-depth Reviews

If you’ve landed on this page, the chances are that you’re searching for the best bathroom runners.

I won’t disappoint you. Welcome to my runner bath mat reviews.

In this article, you’re going to explore the 10 most popular choices for long bathroom rugs along with buying guide. Additionally, at the end of our review, I’ve included the FAQ section with some key questions.

Hopefully, it’ll help you to pick the right long mat to meet your needs.

10 Best Bathroom Runners Reviews

When shopping for the best runner rugs for bathroom, you’ll find a surprising number of options from different brands. So, picking the right and best one is quite challenging.

However, if you’re wondering where to start your search, getting my in-depth would be a good starting point.

Take a closer look at my in-depth reviews of the top 10 options.

#1 Gorilla Grip Luxury Chenille Shaggy Bath Runner, 70″x 24″

gorilla grip luxury chenille shaggy bath runner


  • Size: 70”x 24” (more sizes available)
  • Material: Microfiber, Chenille
  • Backing: Rubber
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Color: Grey (More colors available)
  • Machine Washable: Yes

If you’re looking for a thick and high-pile bathroom runner, Gorilla Grip 48×24 is the right option for you. With more than 41,000+ customer reviews, this is undoubtedly one of the best runner rugs for bathroom.

Why Choose It?- Top Features & Pros

Ultra-soft, Thick, and Plush Pile

The coziest and softest chenille will pamper your feet in style and luxury. The thick pile will keep your toes incredibly comfortable and warm from the cold bathroom floor.

Ultra Absorbent

Premium and dense chenille piles absorb the extra moisture from your feet to keep your bath floor clean and safe from slipping while stepping out of your bathtub or shower.

Quick to Dry

This runner mat is not only ultra-absorbent but also dries quickly. In addition, it is machine washable and fades resistant making it perfect for frequent uses.

Well-made and Durable

Durable rubber backing, premium-quality chenille yarns, and heavy-duty stitching make this runner mat durable and long-lasting.

Perfect Size for Any Bathroom

Gorilla Grip bath mat is available in a variety of sizes- from 24”x 17” to 70 x 24”. With so many available sizes there’s one for every need. You’ll get the right size to fit in front of bathtubs, showers, vanities, single or double sinks, and more.

Assortment of Colors

This bath mat is available in different colors. So, you can match your bathroom décor to showcase your personal decor style.

#2 Walensee Large Bathroom Rug with Rubber Back, 60″x 24”

walensee large bathroom rug


  • Size: 60”x 24” (more sizes available)
  • Material: 100% Microfiber
  • Backing: TP rubber
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Color: Sand (More colors available)
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Walensee bathroom runner feels just as luxurious as it looks. You’ll appreciate its casual modern style and softly plush look.

Why Choose It?- Top Features & Pros

100% Polyester Shaggy Microfiber- Super plush and Comfy

Thousands of individual polyester microfiber soft shags make this runner super comfy and plush. It soothes your tired feet and shields your toes from the cold bathroom floor to keep you cozy.

TP Rubber backing- Non-slip and Durable

This runner is backed by TP rubber backing which is much stronger and more durable for long-lasting use than PVC or adhesive backing. The non-slip bottom prevents it from shifting and skidding.

High-pile- Ultra- soft and Absorbent

This microfiber shag bath rug features high-pile that is more absorbent than cotton bathroom rugs. Mat’s deep pile traps the moisture allowing it to dry quickly.
Available in many colors and sizes

This stuff is in many different colors and sizes- from 24 x 16 to 72”x 24”. So, you can easily find to fit and match with your décor.

#3 Yimobra Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Runner Rugs, 70″x 24″

yimobra original luxury chenille bathroom runner rug


  • Size: 70”x 24” (more sizes available)
  • Material: Shaggy Chenille
  • Backing: Adhesive Backing
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Color: Grey (More colors available)
  • Machine Washable: Yes

If you’re looking for amazingly cozy and oversized luxury chenille mats, then Yimobra 70”x 24” is it. Comfortable, beautiful, and practical bathing experience comes from Yimobra Chenille extra-long bath mat.

You can use it tub-side, front of the sink, or any place in your home where you want to relax and support your toes.

Why Choose It?- Top Features & Pros

Thicker and Better Constructed

Your feet will feel ultimate luxury enjoyment as soon as you step on this thick, warm and soft chenille bath runner. It provides comfortable underfoot support is just like walking on the clouds. The ultra-plush and high-density pile provide excellent comfort to your feet.

Strong Water Absorption and Quick Drying

Super fine, fluffy fibers make this mat ultra-absorbent. It absorbs water within minutes to leave your bathroom smelling fresh. It also dries faster than cotton mats or those synthetic ones with rubber backing.

Non-slip Adhesive Backing

Your mat will stay in place firmly to keep you and your family safe. You can fold it for easy storage. The fluff is firmly attached, so it is not easy to fall off.

Multiple Colors and Sizes are Available

Yimobra bath mat is available in different sizes and colors to suit various sizes of bathroom designs. Great for the kid’s bathroom, master bathroom, vanity, vacation home, and, guest suite!

#4 MAYSHINE Bath Mat Runners, 47″x 27.5″

mayshine bath mat runners


  • Size: 47”x 27.5” (more sizes available)
  • Material: 100% soft chenille
  • Backing: PVC
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Color: Gray (more colors available)
  • Machine Washable: Yes

MAYSHINE luxury chenille bathroom runner is a uniquely designed and high-quality product. It’ll make your shower time enjoyable and safe.

Why Choose It?- Top Features & Pros

Unique 3 Layers Design- Comfortable, Anti-slip & Durable

The mat has three layers- The upper fabric layer, the middle 6mm thick sponge layer, and the bottom anti-skid layer. This combination of three layers makes the mat more comfortable and safe for your feet. Moreover, the anti-slip PVC backing keeps the mat firmly in place, so no worry about sliding or slipping.

Say Goodbye to fiber dropping!

The fiber-locking technology of this runner prevents horrible fiber-dropping. It is stronger and more durable for long-lasting use.

1-inch (2.5 cm) High Chenille Pile

Thick and soft microfibers offer superior comfort, relieve pressure and fatigue on your feet. It protects your toes from the cold floor just like sinking into a deep cotton pile. The fibers won’t easily turn deflated after use and it will always maintain a new look.

#5 Lifewit Tufted Microfiber Ultra Plush Narrow Bath Mat Runner, 59″x 20″

lifewit tufted microfiber narrow bath mat runner


  • Size: 59”x 20” (also available in 24”x16”, 32”x 20”)
  • Material: Tufted Microfiber
  • Backing: TPR
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Color: Grey (More colors available)
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Looking for the long and narrow bath mat runner?

Lifewit LFLF233364GY is one of the best narrow bath runners available.

Why Choose It?- Top Features & Pros

Ultra Plush, Fluffy Shag

This 1-inch thick and super fluffy microfiber mat will soothe your tired feet. It also shields your toes from the cold and hard floor while you step out from the shower. You can also place this long bathroom mat runner in front of your vanity cabinet for comfort.

TPR backing- Anti-slip and Durable

The rubber backing makes this runner stay in place without skidding or shifting. Make you place it on a clean and dry surface.

High-plie of Microfiber- Super Absorbent

It absorbs water from your feet quickly and locks the water to save your bathroom floor from dripping water.

Stitched with reinforced seams, this mat will serve you a long time.

#6 Color&Geometry Large Bath Rug Runner, 59″x 24″

color&geometry large bath rug runner


  • Size: 59”x 24” (more sizes available)
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Backing: TPR
  • Color: Navy & White (more colors available)
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Color&Geometry 59”x 24” bathroom Runner can be a wonderful complement to your bathroom. It is simple but modern. It is a great rug at a great price.

Why Choose It?-Top Features & Pros

Made of Premium Microfiber Materials- Extra Softness

It is very soft and comfortable with a high pile microfiber. The mat edges are carefully stitched. It features a nice bit of texture to it that gives it a higher-end look.

Non-slip TPR Backing- More Safety

Best of all, it stays in place. So, getting out of your shower will be safer with this anti-slip runner. The strong adhesion of the bottom keeps the rug in place on your floor and ensures your family’s safety.


It absorbs three times of water in a few seconds. It’ll keep your bathroom smelling fresh always.

#7 Turquoize Bathroom Runner Rug Oversize, 59″x 20″

turquoize bathroom runner rug oversize


  • Size: 59”x 20” (more sizes available)
  • Material: Premium Chenille
  • Backing: High technology SBE/Hot melt spray
  • Pattern: Solid striped
  • Color: Gray (more colors available)
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Turquoize runner rug has everything to spruce up your space. This solid striped pattern rug will refreshen your bathroom, bedroom, living room, Dining Room, and kitchen.

Why Choose It?- Top Features & Pros

100% Extra Super Plush Chenille Surface

It is extremely cushy and comfortable on the feet. The “stripe” effect adds some visual interest. It is excellent in quality and beautiful to look at.

1.2-inch Thick

The stand-out feature of this bathroom runner is its 1.2-inch pile of premium chenille. This extra-thick pile adds a welcome layer of comfort to your bathroom floor. It adds an extremely warm massage for your tired feet after training or working.

High Technology Natural SBE/Hot melt Spray Backing

The bottom is anti-skid and durable. It helps to keep the mat in place even when wet.

Super Absorbent

This extra-high pile mat is designed to quickly absorb water, keeping your room floors dry and healthy.

#8 Buganda Memory Foam Bathroom Runner, 24″x70″

buganda memory foam bathroom runner


  • Size: 70” x 24” (more sizes available)
  • Material: memory foam plus coral velvet
  • Backing: PVC
  • Pattern: Solid striped
  • Color: Dark Grey (More colors available)
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Buganda Memory Foam bathroom runner is an absolute treat for your tired feet. It feels just as luxurious as it looks. This large size mat is perfect to be used in various spaces such as bathroom, kitchen, hallway, balcony, bedroom, etc.

Why Choose It?- Top Features & Pros

Unique Cconstruction- Memory Foam plus Coral Velvet

This mat is filled with high-density polyurethane memory foam that makes it super soft. It helps relieve pressure and fatigue on your feet. The microfiber coral velvet material is cozy and skin-friendly. And it will feel so good on your feet. The exquisite seam edge makes it outstanding.

Super Water-Absorbent

It is treated with special techniques to absorb water. It also dries quickly to keep your space clean every day.

Anti-slip PVC bottom

The non-skid backing helps to prevent the mat from slipping and shifting. The PVC backing also prevents water from seeping to the soft surface.

#9 MontVoo Innovative Bathroom Runner Mat, 48″x 24″

montvoo innovative bathroom runner mat


  • Size: 48” x 24” (more sizes available)
  • Material: Innovative new tech material
  • Backing: Rubber
  • Color: Grey (also available in Blue)
  • Machine Washable: No need to wash

MontVoo brings this innovative, dirt-resistant long bath mat to make your life easier and safe.

A traditional bath mat or runner may get fading, pilling, shedding, smelly, and mildew. Fortunately, you’ll never meet these troubles caused by a traditional microfiber bath mat. Furthermore, this runner mat won’t be smelly after being wet for a long time.

Why Choose It?- Top Features & Pros

Innovative Leather-like Surface

This bath mat looks like a diatomaceous earth bath mat but it feels like cozy Chamois leather. You won’t feel a cold floor when you step out of your shower.

Premium Anti-Slip Rubber Backing

Rubber backing makes this bath mat for bathroom non-slip even on the wet floor. Conveniently, it can grip the wall with damp backing.

No Need to Wash- Dirt Resistant

The smooth surface of this mat resists hair and dirt. It is easy to clean- simply wipe it with a wet cloth or rinse with the shower nozzle.

Up to 2-4 Times Water Absorption of Its Weight

90% porosity surface allows water to penetrate fast and dry quickly. Thanks to its advanced nano-technology. Magically, the watermarks on its surface vanish within a few minutes.

#10 Carvapet 2 Pieces Runner Carpet Set, 20″x63″+20″x31″

carvapet 2 pieces runner carpet set


  • Size: 20″x63″ (runner) +20″x31″ (mat)
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Backing: Latex Rubber
  • Pattern: Trellis
  • Color: Coffee (more color available)
  • Machine Washable: Yes

If you’re looking for the best rug set for your bathroom or kitchen, Carvapet 2 Pieces will be the right option for you. It is an affordable option to get right now.

Why Choose It?- Top Features & Pros

2 Pieces set- Multi-use

This set includes a 63”x 20” runner and a 31”x 20” mat. Perfect to use in the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, doorway, or anywhere you want. The Moroccan trellis motif adds visual interest to any room.

Soft to touch Microfiber surface

The shag pile is easy and comfortable for feet to step or work on it.

Non-skid latex rubber backing

Anti-slip backing ensures safety, fade, and wear-resistant.

Super Water Absorbent

It absorbs water and dries quickly. Thus it keeps you a fresh and clean bathroom and protects the floor from water damage.

Best Bathroom Runners Buying Guide

All the above reviewed best long bathroom rugs will offer you the best value for your money. But what to look for when to buy the right bathroom runner?

Here we come.

Consider the following factor to make a wise buying decision.

  • Dimensions

Bathroom runner mats are available in different sizes.

The first thing you need to have is an idea of the dimension of the spaces you want to use the runner rug. Depending on the available space or layout of your bathroom, you might select a bath runner mat to give your feet proper coverage.

  • Cushioning

Next, think about the amount of cushioning you prefer. Bath mats are made of different materials such as microfiber, memory, cotton, rubber, etc. They also come in different thicknesses.

  • Water Absorbency

When it comes to its absorbency, keep in mind that not all mats are created equal. Runner rugs or mats for bathroom need to be more absorbent. It should also be less prone to molds. To avoid that uncomfortable damp feeling from a bathroom mat looks for one super absorbent feature.

  • Backing

Finally, don’t forget to check the material used on the bottom of the mat. In particular features, rubber or PVC backing will ensure it stays in place to prevent skidding.

Best Bathroom Runners- My Parting Words…

That’s it!

No matter which of the best runner bath mats you choose from my comprehensive list, your feet will be thankful.

Pick according to your requirements and preferences.

Surely, it’ll be an excellent investment for many years of satisfying and safe use.
Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions about Bathroom Runner

You may have a lot of questions about bath mat runners.

So, I’ve compiled a list of bathroom runners FAQs below to help answer some of your questions about this fantastic product.

Q. Can you use a runner in a bathroom?

Ans: Practically, you can use a bath runner rug or mat in any size bathroom. By simply adding a runner rug even in your small bathroom you can amazingly change the look of the space.

Q. How long should a bathroom Runner be?

Ans: You can find bathroom runners in different sizes. Typically, they measure 24-inch by 60-inch. You can also find 71 inches or 6 foot bathroom runners.

Q. How often should you change your bath mat or runner?

Ans: Although bath mats or runners are built to last, it is recommended to change your bath runner or mat every two years. To keep it germ-free, you should wash it regularly. If you have a humid bathroom or many family members use the space, wash the bath mat once a week.

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