6 Best Bucket Towel Warmers- Top Brands Compared and Reviewed

Limited wall space in your bathroom to install towel warmer racks? Looking for something portable?

Then towel warmer bucket is the solution.

Best bucket towel warmer is a great choice to experience the comfort of a wonderfully warm towel beyond the bath. This spa-quality gadget makes every shower a spa day at home, outdoor, or anywhere.

And if you have a heated pool or hot tub, this free-standing bucket towel warmer is great for warming bathrobes and towels instantly. So you can ease on the way from the late-night swims or chill of winter showers.

But from numerous options available which one is to get?

Zadro TWB Towel Warmer is an excellent choice to get right now. It comes with an extra-large capacity and heats evenly. It also has multiple timer settings and an auto shut-off timer.

best bucket towel warmer

However, there are many other great options. I’ve reviewed and shortlisted the 6 most popular models in this post.

To find them, read my bucket towel warmer reviews.

Best Bucket Towel Warmer- 6 Top Picks and Reviews

During my testing and research, I’ve found 40+ bucket-style models and shortlisted only 6 best options from top sellers.

I’ve collected and analyzed several user reviews to prepare this best towel warmers list. I’ve also studied the top features, specs, and quality-to-price ratios before making the final selections.

I’ve found that most customers choose to plug in an electric bucket-style warmer with an average price of $130.

#1 Zadro TWB2C– Best Ultra Large Towel Warmer

Zadro TWB Towel Warmer

Key Features:

  • Ultra-large capacity
  • Length x Width x Height (Inches): 12″ x 12″ x 21.5″
  • No. of Oversize Towels fits: two (40″x70″)
  • 15, 30, 45, and 60-minute time settings
  • Auto shut off features
  • Extra-long power cord and Built-in cord storage
  • Natural bamboo-style handle and feet

Zadro TWB2C is one of the best bucket-style towel warmer. This top-selling towel warmer is a must-have for big families.

Extra-large Capacity: Generously sized bucket inside is ideal to warm everything. It can hold two oversized bath towels, beach towels or bath sheets, or any large item like a blanket. It is also an awesome way to cozy up your pyjamas or bathrobe.

No worry, it heats items quickly and evenly inside and out, so there are no cold spots.

If you like a warm blanket to snuggle into on chilly days with little effort, this ultra-large warmer is worth it. It can also be an excellent gift for your beloved one who always has a cold.

4 built-in timer settings with auto shut off: Multiple timer settings let you set the timer for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. During my testing, I’ve found that the towels become fully warmed in about 15 minutes.

The auto-shut-off feature prevents electrical hazards to ensure safety. It alleviates any worry about overheating.

Single temperature setting: It ensures optimal warmth every time.

Easy to operate controls: this electric towel warmer is super simple to use.

Lightweight and freestanding: You can move it anywhere in your home without any hassle. It can also be a great addition to a hot tub.

Built-in power cord storage: The cord is extra long but it coils discreetly under the base to keep it out of sight when not in use. So, there is no risk of a trip hazard.

Upgraded all-natural bamboo feet and top handle: This barrel-shaped warmer with a natural accent looks modern and contemporary in your bathroom.

If you don’t like the gray color of this model, you can get it in white.

best bucket style towel warmer

What I don’t like:

  • For a smaller bathroom, it is a bit larger.

#2 Zadro TWB01, Ultra-large, Bucket-style– Best Aromatherapy Towel Warmer

best aromatherapy towel warmer

Zadro TWB01 is an ultra-large aromatherapy bucket-style towel that will make your every day a spa day.

Similar to my #1 recommendation, Zadro TWB01 is also an oversized bucket-style towel warmer. It includes all the features same as Zadro TWB2C.

What makes it stand out is the built-in essential oil reservoir. It adds a calming aroma of essential oils to your warm towels (lavender essential oil included).

Key Features:

  • A built-in essential oil reservoir
  • Ultra-large capacity accommodates two 40” X 70” bath towels at a time, blankets, robes, and more
  • Built-in-timer with 15-, 30-, 45- and 60-minutes settings to have warm towels ready always
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Built-in cord storage in the base helps keep the extra-long power cord tidy when not in use
  • Insulated plastic bucket design for increased safety
  • Freestanding slim profile with 12″ (length) x 12″ (width) x 21.5″ (Heights) for easy storage underneath a bathroom countertop or in a closet
  • Auto shut off features to prevent electrical hazards
  • Handy built-in cord storage in the base to keep the extra-long cord tidy when not in use to prevent tripping hazards
  • Modern finishes with natural bamboo-style accents in handle and feet

#3 Zadro – Best Countertop Towel Warmer

best countertop towel warmer

If you want a hint of luxury in your smaller bathrooms or apartments, this is it! The slim profile is easy to place on your countertop or tuck into a corner of your bathroom.

It can thoroughly heat a full-sized towel (70”x40”) or anything else such as gloves, socks, PJ’s, robes, or blanket. Just plug it in and go!

Similar to my #1 recommendation, this model also includes all other same features.

Key Features:

  • Built-in-timer with 15-, 30-, 45- and 60-minutes settings
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Built-in cord storage in the base
  • Insulated plastic bucket design
  • Polarized plug for increased safety
  • Freestanding slim profile with 12″ (length) x 12″ (width) x 13″ (Heights)
  • Auto shut off features to prevent electrical hazards
  • Modern finishes with natural bamboo-style accents in handle and feet

#4 Keenray Luxury Bucket Style Warmer– best-rated towel warmers

best rated towel warmer

Key Features:

  • Extra-large capacity for family use
  • Length x Width x Height (Inches): 13″ x 13″ x 19″
  • No. of Oversize Towels fits: two (40″x70″)
  • Rapid heat up in just 1 minute
  • Single-button control, up to 60 minutes heating time
  • Especially designed aromatherapy tray
  • Auto shut off features
  • Quiet throughout the use process

Keenray Luxury is another excellent free-standing, bucket style warmer to meet family use. Whether you’re taking a relaxing, long soak or a quick shower, this towel warmer provides you with a warm and cozy towel in a minute.

Extra-large 20-liter bucket: It holds up to two large bath towels (40×70”). It’s large enough to accommodate bathrobes and blankets.

Rapid and even heating: Within 1 minute, your towel will get plenty warm. So, you can enjoy a warm towel after taking a quick shower. It reaches a high temperature in just 6 minutes and maintains the heat for a good amount of time. No worry about the warm towel after taking a long soak.

One button control: Operating this warmer is a breeze with its easy single button control. It offers 60 minutes of heating time before it automatically shuts off.

Aromatherapy Tray: The tray is specially designed to put essential oils or aromatherapy tablets when heating towels.

User-friendly: You can easily separate the lid and bucket for quick cleaning. The unit is lightweight and compact. So, it is easy to move around.

ETL certified: It’s also safe to use and reliable. The included hot surface indicator lights up when the temperature inside exceeds 50-degree C. It operates quietly.

Stylish and attractive design: With its super-chic design and round-shaped base, it’ll enhance the look of your bathroom or home. Moreover, it’s available in pink, purple, blue, gray, and green color to match your home décor.

What I don’t like:

  • Indoor use only

#5 WELLER WE192 – Towel Warmer Bucket

best towel warmer for hot tub

Key Features:

  • Spacious interior to hold two large towels
  • Built-in-timer with 15- ,30- ,45- and 60-minutes interval
  • Even heating-warms the items entirely-inside and out
  • Auto-shutoff

WELLER WE192 is an excellent bucket-style bath towel warmer for the price. Step out of the shower or outdoor hot tub and wrap yourself in the coziness of a warm towel with this warmer.

Push the on button and it’ll warm any towels in just minutes. The generously sized interior can accommodate two oversized bath towels. Of course, it can hold and heat blankets, robes, and more.

The built-in timer allows you to heat your towels or other clothing items for 15-,30-, 45- or 60-minutes. Moreover, it automatically shuts off to prevent electrical hazards.

With its 22″ (h) x 12″ (w) x 12″ (d) compact size, this luxury appliance fits in limited space.

#6 LiveFine Large Bucket Style Luxury– Affordable Towel Warmer

best affordable towel warmer

Key Features:

  • Spacious heating compartment fits 2 towels 40×70
  • Easy 15-minute adjustable timer
  • Sleek LCD display
  • Easy-open cover & built-in grip handle
  • Safety indicator lights
  • Stabilizing feet

LiveFine luxury is a spa-quality Large Bucket Style towel warmer. The spacious interior provides you soothing warmth for your favorite towel, blanket or robe.

Good to know, it holds two towels (40” x 70”) at a time. It also fits other fabric items such as hair wraps, hand and face towels, neck towels, pyjamas, etc.

Easy-Set Adjustable Timer allows you to set the time 15,30,45 or 60 minutes, so matter you’re taking a long soak or quick shower, your towel is warm-ready to wrap. Conveniently, it keeps the towel warm up to 20 minutes after the heating cycle ends.

Operating this appliance is simple with easy button operation and indicator lights on the LCD display.

Its streamlined construction and slim, super chic design add an ideal accent for any style or size bathroom. The power cords hide neatly to prevent tripping hazards, while the built-in stabilizing feet prevent slipping on ceramic, porcelain, tile, and other floor types.

This versatile warmer comes in three different colors- gray, white, and black exterior.
If you require to warm one towel at a time, Live Fine also offers the following bucket-style mini towel warmer that Fits 1 Towel 40×70.

best mini towel warmer

How to Choose The Right Bucket Towel Warmer

These are the top-notch bucket towel warmer that suits your space, style, and budget.

Still, confused about which one to get from this top-list to meet your needs?

No worry!

I’ve prepared the following buying guides for you.

When trying to choose the perfect bucket-style warmer for your space, consider the following:

Towel Warmer Capacity

There are both smaller and larger capacity units to choose from. Consider your towel size and how many towels you need to warm at one time.

If you only need a towel warmer for your personal use or need to heat one towel at a time, you can choose any option- large or small. However, for couple use or family use, you should go for a unit with an extra-large capacity that can hold at least two large bath towels or bath sheets at a time. A smaller warmer won’t be enough for a large household.

Your Available Space

You can tuck a bucket-style towel warmer in a corner of your bathroom, next to your hot tub, on the top of, or under a countertop. Consider the amount of floor space you have available to place your freestanding towel warmer.

Towel warmer buckets are made of heat-resistant material, and some include wooden lids. But Remember, the exterior of this appliance can get hot. So, it is important to place the unit somewhere that won’t be touched by small hands or easily be bumped.

If it is a plug-in model, make sure the outlet is at the reach of the power cord of your unit.

Warm-Up Time

Some units heat up faster than others. The average heating time is about 15 minutes. However, some units take only 10 minutes to warm up while as long as 60 minutes to heat up thoroughly.
Take note of the warm-up time of your selected model. Go for a model that heats up quickly.

Best Bucket Towel Warmer- My Parting Words

Finding the best towel warmer bucket can be a difficult task. But hopefully, after reading my reviews you’re now well-informed which one is right for you.

These 6 models are a perfect accessory for shower, spa, home, massage, baby care, pool house, and more. Any of these models can also be a well-thought gift for anniversaries, birthdays, housewarmings, weddings, and more.

Pick any of my shortlisted bucket-style stand-alone towel warmer, experience the comfort of a warm towel, and make every shower a spa day.

Good Luck!

You may still have several asking about this appliance. If so, pls go through the following section.

How can you keep clean your towel warmer?

A bucket towel warmer full of damp towels can cause issues of mold and bacteria growth. Leaving towels in the bucket overnight can make them smell musty and foster mold growth.

So, empty the interior of your warmer at the end of the day.

Wipe down the interior surfaces of the bucket with disinfectant. Leave the lid open overnight for air out.

What Is the best towel warmer for home use?

Bucket-style towel warmers or towel warming racks are best for home use if you have counter space. For installing a wall-mounted towel rack, you may need wall space and a convenient electrical outlet. However, bucket-style warmers are easy to place on the existing floor space of your bathroom.

Is electric or hydronic towel warmer right for you?

Electric vs. Hydronic

A hydronic towel warmer is similar to standing radiators. It functions by piping hot water or steam through the maze of rails. This type requires to install with your plumbing.

On the other hand, electrical towel warmers can be simple plug-in or hardwired. Hardwired variety requires some wiring within the walls. Plug-in models use the existing electrical outlet and are by far the simplest towel warmer to use.

If you’re remodelling your bathroom or home, hydronic variety or hardwired electric towel rack can be the right choice for you. Otherwise, a plug-in model is best.

Can you put wet towels in bucket-style Freestanding towel warmers?

This style warmer is designed to be used with dry towels. they won’t dry your towels and instead build moisture.

Do towel warmers use a lot of electricity?

The towel warmer is a low-energy appliance. Running an electrical towel warmer won’t cost you a fortune. It may cost a few cents per day to operate. You can run it constantly for a minimal energy cost. Operating a towel warmer won’t cause any major increase in your electric bill.

Can towel warmers catch fire?

Although the fire hazard is always a potential concern with towel warmers, the risk is minimal with the updated or new models.

With different safety features, internal thermostats, pre-set timers, and automatic shut-offs, the concerns are minimal on new units.

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