Should I Keep My Hot Tub Covered?

Often, hot tub owners, especially first-time buyers ask- “should I keep my hot tub covered?” or “can I leave my hot tub uncovered?”

The answer is YES. YES. YES.

No matter it is outdoor or indoor, your spa needs to be covered when not in use. No matter the season, you should keep your hot tub covered any time it’s not in use. It is an absolute necessity for several reasons.

Let’s talk these out.

Why Should You Keep Your Hot Tub Covered?

should i keep my hot tub covered
Should I keep my hot tub covered?

Purchasing a hot tub is a long-term investment. A bit of caring for its components and water may help you to avoid constant chemical usage and parts replacement.

Keeping your hot tub covered (of course with a quality spa cover) will lessen the maintenance and cost in all aspects.

It keeps your spa water clean.

You’re soaking in your spa for relaxing for an extended period. So, the water needs to be as clean as possible. If you have an outdoor hot tub, keeping it covered will protect the water from dirt, dust, and large debris like leaves and branches.

Covering the spa after each use will ensure the water will remain clear of all of the debris. Additionally, it’ll reduce any extra cleaning job and time if you need to take a quick dip.

It ensures safety, preventing drowning hazards.

Safety is one of the most important reasons for covering your spa. Leaving a hot tub unattended and uncovered is unsafe for animals, children, and some adults.

Covering the spa will prevent your pet and children from falling into the spa water. Hot tub covers save many accidents from occurring. . An ASTM safety standard approved hot tub cover with a key is the safest way to keep children and animals out of the hot tub.

It protects your spa from elements.

An outdoor hot tub may be exposed to sunlight, rain, sleet, cold, and snow. Over time, your spa will naturally become weathered. So, if you have an outdoor spa it’s important to keep it covered to protect your investment and prolong the life of your spa.

Excessive or continuous exposure to the sun may damage the exterior coating of your spa. Especially an acrylic hot tub deteriorates at a faster rate due to harsh sun rays. The UV rays may also damage the spa.

If you ever have to deal with inclement weather, a hot tub cover will also keep your hot tub and its electrical components protected.

For example, during rain or hurricane season, keeping your spa covered will make it weatherproof. A cover or cap will protect your spa from added rainwater.

For more weather protection, you can invest in a hot tub umbrella. It’ll not only shades you while you’re soaking but also protects you from the element.

It lowers your electric bill and saves you time.

If you own an indoor hot tub, you do not need to cover it to protect the water from outdoor animals and leaves. But you may need to keep it covered for the safety of small children. You also need to cover your indoor spa with a hot tub cover to make it energy efficient.

You need to keep your spa temperature at your desired level to save energy. It is also necessary if you want to use your spa more often. Re-heating the spa water after cooling down is more expensive.


Here is where an insulated hot tub cover or thermal blanket helps lower your electricity bill. A hot tub thermal blanket or an insulating spa blanket defence against escaping heat from the spa. It holds the heat in to help maintain optimal temperature levels and makes your spa as energy-efficient as possible.

outdoor hot tub cover

Heating the spa water takes not only energy but also time. So, it’s economical if you cover your spa with an insulated blanket to maintain water temperature rather than heating it each time to soak. It’ll minimize your running cost and help you to avoid long heating times of spa water.

It’ll conserve water and lower the cost of chemicals.

If you leave your spa uncovered for a long time, water and a portion of spa chemicals will evaporate and escape into the atmosphere. Keeping a cover on your spa will help keep it from losing water and chemical through evaporation.

The chemistry of spa water is very delicate and it’s important to keep it balanced. Since spa water is not drained out and refilled after each use, it’s recommended to maintain water chemistry between dips.

If you cover your spa with a high-quality cover or thermal blanket, the steam will condense back into the water. It’ll also save money on chemicals.

Wrapping Up

Should I keep my hot tub covered when not in use?

To sum it up: Covering your spa will be a great benefit.

Keeping it covered with a high-quality cover will extend your spa’s longevity. It’ll keep your spa and investment protected so that you can keep it in excellent working condition year after year.

But never use a tarp or plastic wrap to cover your spa as it can be disastrous for your hot tub.

standard poly tarp

A hot tub cover is the best option to protect your investment.

If you cover your spa with an insulated cover, it’ll trap the humidity and heat inside and works as an energy saver.

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