How to Choose a Bathrobe- The Essential Guide (6 Things to Consider)

How to choose a bathrobe- This essential guide will help you to make the right buying decision.

Shopping around for the best robe is one of the enjoyable purchases if you know what to consider before buying.

The main purpose of wearing this luxury garment is to create comfort for the user. So, it’s important to consider all the possible comfort factors.

With the numerous choices available, finding the right robe for the shower, hot tub, spas, or lounging around is a kind of challenge. But with this guidance and advice on “how to choose a robe”, it won’t be.

How to Choose a Bathrobe- 6 Basic Things to Consider

There are some factors to note before buying a new robe. The basic things that you need to know to make the right purchase are as follows:

how to choose a bathrobe
How to choose a bathrobe

1. Consider Your Intended Use

It’s not like that you go to the shop or browse online and place an order for a new robe. If you don’t have priority, there is a risk of loss of your money with the wrong purchase.


Let me clear the point.

Typically people wear bathrobes after having a shower or bath. This item of cloth is also used a lot in spa sessions. They are perfect to wear for other purposes as well.

For swimming pools, at the beach, private evenings, or intimate moments with the special one, people use robes. Some people wear them for additional comfort and warmth during chilly nights. Shopping around for the best robe for hot tub is a highly personal experience.

Hence, before making a purchasing decision, ensure your purpose.

If you want to use your robe only after bathing as a towel, an absorbent cotton terry bathrobe is a good choice. If you plan to use it for lounging around your home, you can have a robe made of any fabric.

Non-absorbant robes are also known as “dressing gowns”.

best dressing gown

2. Choose the Right Fabrics that Go Well with the Climate of Your Area

When deciding to buy a robe, you like to get the most comfortable one.


The fabric materials determine the comfort level.

Depending on the climate of the area you’re living, choose the right material. Bathrobes are made from different types of fabrics. Each fabric offers different feels, weights, textures, finishes, and weaves.

Cotton Bathrobe:

100% Cotton Robe:

It is a popular choice to wear any time of the year. Cotton is breathable and airy. So, cotton robes are comfortable to wear. On the negatives, pure cotton robes are prone to shrink after wash. U2SKIIN 3/4 Sleeves Knit Bathrobe is one of the best-reviewed 100% cotton ladies Loungewear.

best cotton robe

100% Egyptian-Quality Cotton Robe:

Egyptian-quality cotton fabric features a higher thread count. So, these robes are pill-free, finer, and softer than a 100% cotton bathrobe. They are perfect for year-long uses. Though Egyptian cotton robes are expensive, they are more durable than classic cotton.

One of the best Egyptian cotton robe is the Luxor Linens Couple’s Unisex Luxurious bathrobe.

best egyptian cotton robe

100% Turkish Cotton Robe:

It is premium grade cotton, made of smoother and strong cotton threads. As you wash this type of robe, it becomes more absorbent, fluffier, and softer. However, they are not an affordable option. If you want to grab the best Turkish cotton robe, I recommend Arus Men’s Hooded Classic Bathrobe Turkish Cotton Robe as the best one.

best turkish cotton robe

Cotton Blend Robe:

These robes feature cotton blended with polyester that makes them stronger than a 100% cotton robe. This type of bathrobe is lightweight and wrinkle resistance. Moreover, they have cooling characteristics, making them perfect for the hot summer season. Our pick for the best cotton blend robe is Soft Touch Women’s Bath SPA Robe.

best cotton blend robe

Knit Type Robe:

This involves:

Terry Cloth Robe:

This type of robe is perfect for post-bathing or post-swimming. They are good for water absorption. But they are prone to shrinkage.

Waffle Robe:

In general, waffle fabric is either made of 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. The specialty of this fabric is it is textured because of a square-like or raised diamond shape pattern. This texture gives the waffle robe a unique look that is easily distinguishable.

Waffle bathrobes are fast-drying, absorbent, lightweight, and soft to touch. Moreover, they are economical and durable. They are mostly used in spas. However, waffle robes are also great for wearing before you get dressed for the office in the morning.

The Amazon Essentials AE175486 is a fantastic Men’s Waffle Shawl Robe

best waffle robe

Fleece Robe:

Fleece has insulating properties that make the fleece bathrobe an excellent option to wear on cold days and chilly nights. They are lightweight and more affordable. But they are not great at absorbing moisture and water.

The NY Threads Luxurious Mens Shawl Collar Fleece Bathrobe is a best-seller product in this category.

best fleece robe for men

Velour Robe:

Velour fabric is a blend of cotton and polyester. It offers the look and sensuous feel of velvet. This type of fabric is warm, so it can be a good choice if you want to keep yourself warm on a winter night.

Although, valour fabric is thicker they are extremely soft, giving you a luxurious feel. To wear in a colder climate it is a perfect option. On the negatives, they are bulkier and more expensive than other types of fabric.

We’ve complemented the supreme comfort, classic look and the sexy appeal of the Just Love Velour Chevron Texture Bath Robes for Women.

best velour robe

3. Determine the Right Size for You

This garment item is available in various sizes: small to medium, large, X-large, XX-large, XXX-large, and one size fits all. Whatever the size, the bathrobe should fit loosely on your body. Most importantly, the hem and sleeves should be an appropriate length for you.
Different brands have their self-explanatory women’s bathrobe size chart and men’s bathrobe size chart. Before adding one to your cart, be sure to check your recent body measurements and the available bathrobe size chart for the product you want.

If you’re not sure about the perfect size to get, opt for “one size fits all”.

If you’re shopping for the best kids robes, choose one that’s a little bigger so that your growing child can wear it for a couple of years. But, don’t buy that’s so bigger in size as he/she may step on the hem.

best kids robe

4. Choose the Right Length and Style

In general, the length of the robe depends on the specific style that you choose.

Bathrobes are available in three basic lengths: above the knee (mini), mid-calf, and ankle-length (floor length). Different lengths offer different advantages.

mini robe

Above the Knee/ Mini Robe

mid-calf robe

Mid-calf Robe

ankle length robe

Ankle-length Robe

Mini or above the knee:

These are shorter in length and fall just above your knee. A shorter length is good for after-pool use and warmer weather.


This sized robe falls in the middle of your calf. They are great for hot tubs and showers during warmer seasons. If you like a mix between a long and short robe, mid-calf length would be perfect.

Ankle/ floor-length:

Floor-length robes work great for lounging or keeping you warm, especially in the chilly autumn and winter months. Notice that your robe won’t be so long that it trails on the floor.

The wearer’s height plays an important role when selecting the length of a robe. So, before buying ensure that the robe length fits your expectations and personality.

5. Look at Other Details:

A kimono-style bathrobe features low necks and loose sleeves. It’s great for cool weather. High collar robes are perfect if you have a temperature-sensitive neck. Mandarin collars with zippers work great to keep your neck warm.

Traditional style robes include shawl-type collars. You can turn up the collar for warmth. A hooded bathrobe is great for lounging around in a very cold area. Some robes also come with a removable hood.

If you like to keep your hand warm, a robe with pockets can be a great choice. Pockets are also useful to carry tiny essentials like a key, smartphone, lotion, etc.

Look at the closure type. Some come with a zipper or button while some include a tie around the waist with a belt. Consider one that works better for you.

6. Choose the Color You like

Robes are available in a wide range of stylish colors to match each taste. Keep in mind that the color you choose will speak about your personality.

White is a common color for both men’s and women’s bathrobes. If you’re a stylish person, pick the color you like or that fits best your style.

Navy blue, classic white, brown, and black are some of the best colors for men’s robes.
Pink, light blue, light green, cream, or lavender are some of the perfect colors for a women’s bathrobe for stylish women.

How to Choose a Bathrobe- My Parting Words…

Picking the right robe is not that challenging, just give yourself some time to consider the essential buying factors and have the right ideas.

Whether you are buying a robe for yourself or commercial uses, it must be the best in terms of material, size, and design to offer the ideal blend of style, and comfort.

Consider all of the possible factors so that you can get the maximum comfort and benefit from this luxurious garment.

With the right robe, you’ll have a wonderful time at home and relax.

Good Luck!

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