6 Best Hot Tub Cover Lifters that Worth Your Money

You’ll never have to touch a wet or slimy hot tub cover again!

Yes, you’ve heard that right.

When investing in your dream hot tub, you should add a spa cover removal system to your purchase.

Because it is the best way to deal with your spa cover. It’ll make handling your spa cover stress-free and fast. Moreover, it’ll protect your hot tub and reduce the wear and tear on your spa cover. In the long run, adding a spa cover lifter will save you money.

But what is the best hot tub cover lifter to get?

I’ve compiled this list of 6 most popular hot tub cover lifters to meet your specific needs and budget.

Read on!

6 Best Hot Tub Cover Lifter Reviews

best hot tub cover lifter
Best hot tub cover lifter

I’ve tested dozen of spa cover lifters and found these 6 best-engineered lifters available today.

Without further ado, go through my comprehensive list and guide of the best hot tub cover lifters.

#1 Puri Tech Cover Lifts Fold Bottom or Deck Mount Spa Cover Lifter

best hot tub cover lifter


  • Fits most spas up to 96”
  • Clearance Behind Spa: 18”
  • Clearance on each side: 5”
  • Corner radius: up to 12”
  • Color: Silver

If you prefer a bottom or deck mount hot tub cover lifter, this one from Puri Tech can be the right choice.

Why Choose Puri Tech Bottom Mount Cover Lift?

Made of high-quality materials

Silver aluminum tubing and stainless-steel hardware make this stuff durable and long-lasting. Due to powder coated aluminum structure, there is less chance of rust over time.

It’s also available in black powder-coated aluminum tubing.

3-hook towel holder

It includes towel hooks for convenient storage while the hot tub is in use.

Easy to install and use

Fold the spa cover to the full-length support bar that lays across the cover by the seam. Then pull over the back of the spa by using the foam cover handles. Your spa cover will hang slightly over the vertical position.

Puri Tech Cover Lifts
Puri Tech Cover Lifts

Added Bonus….

Your folded spa cover will hang slightly over the vertical position on the back end of the tub. That means it’ll provide you an added privacy while you’re soaking in the spa. It also works great as a windbreaker.

Great, isn’t it?


  • Fits most spas & hot tubs
  • Bottom or deck mount
  • Sleek design
  • Pretty easy to assemble
  • Simple and functional
  • Easy to handle


  • The chains for the open position are a little short for deck installation.

#2 UltraLift Under Mount Spa Cover Lift

undermount spa cover lifter


  • Fits most spas up to 109”
  • Clearance Behind Spa: 16”
  • Clearance on each side: 5”
  • Corner radius: up to 16”
  • Color: Black

If you don’t want to drill holes in your spa cabinet or deck, then UltraLift Under Mount hot tub Cover Lift is the best option for you. Under Mount brackets of this model is simple to install and require no screws put into your cabinet.

ULTRALIFT builds the most versatile and robust cover lifters in the hot tub industry. They offer four models based on installation type, each with unique benefits.

Why Choose UltraLift Under Mount Spa Cover Lifter?

under mount design
under mount design

Easiest to install

The ULTRALIFT under mount lifter is the easiest one to install. Before filling your tub with water, simply slide the under mount plate under the spot. All remaining parts are installed to this plate, so there are no screws required to be screwed into your cabinet.

Works as a privacy screen

When installed, it rests partially behind the cabinet but is high enough to provide a privacy screen.

Sliding arm

Its patented mounting bracket includes a sliding arm that allows you to adjust the installation to virtually any size hot tub, making installation quick and easy.

Easy to handle

Simply fold the cover in half and use the padded handle too easily. Lift and remove your cover. To close, simply grab the handle, and you can effortlessly replace your cover.

The Ultralift works from either side and could easily double the life of your cover.

Built to last

Built with high-strength steel arms, it protects against bending. The aircraft-grade aluminum mounting brackets prevent rust. So it could be used in just about any environment and provides years of reliable, worry-free service.

Best of all, the Ultralift comes with a 100% 5 years warranty.


  • Patented sliding bracket- one size fits all
  • No screws required
  • Strongest and durable
  • Bending- and corrosion resistant


  • You have to install it with the hot tub empty since you need to slide the plates under hot tub.

#3 The Cover Guy Hydraulic Lifter (TCG Hydraulic Cover Lifter)

hydraulic cover lifter


  • Fits most spas from 80″ and up to 100″
  • Corner radius: up to 12”
  • Color: Black

The Cover Guy hydraulically assisted cover lifter will make handling bulky-sized spa covers easier for a solo soak. Even users with physical limitations will be benefitted from this lifter.

Why Choose The Cover Guy Hydraulic Hot tub Cover Lifter?

It opens easily with one hand.

This hydraulic lifter will make removing your spa cover a one-person job. It is designed to take the struggle out of your heavy hot tub cover off.

Top mount design

Your spa cover will remain above the ground. Thus it protects your cover from the ground.

Gas hydraulic shock

This best hot tub cover lifter features hydraulic shocks incorporated into the top bar. The gas shocks provide extra assistance in lifting and lowering the cover with one hand.

No force is needed!

Simply fold this spa cover lifter hydraulic and gently push it upward; then, the piston will do its work.

Made of superior materials

Strong powder-coated aircraft aluminum tubing and stainless-steel hardware make the unit rust, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting.

Conveniently, it also includes comfortable rubber grip handles and towel hooks.


  • Completely corrosion Resistant
  • Strong and compact
  • Easy to handle with one hand
  • Simple to install
  • Reliable and maintenance-free


  • Installation may take a long time.

#4 MySpaCover Undermount Hydraulic Cover Lifter

undermount hydraulic cover lifter


  • Fits most spas up to 96″
  • Clearance Behind Spa: 32 to 42”
  • Color: Black

MySpaCover Spa and Hot Tub Hydraulic Cover Lifter is simply amazing to use!
If you’re looking for a cover lift that will work with all spas, then go for this model.

Thanks to its unique design that allows for installation on different spa shapes and sizes, including octagonal, round, and spas with cut corners or large radius.

Why Choose MySpaCover Hydraulic Undermount Spa Cover Lifter?

myspacover undermount hydraulic cover lifter
MySpaCover Hydraulic Cover Lifter

Undermount design

MySpaCover lifter works with all hot tub sizes and shapes. It also best fits rectangle and square spa covers up to 96 inches. It also works with spas from 30″ to 40″ in height. However, it requires 30 to 42 inches of clearance behind the hot tub.

Gas spring assisted

It makes getting your spa cover on and off effortless without dragging it around or trying to find a suitable storage area. Moreover, it stores the cover conveniently to one end of your spa. Its height is adjustable, so you can raise or lower the spa cover when stored.

Constructed of high-quality materials

Powder-coated aluminum construction makes it durable and long-lasting. It is also rust and corrosion-resistant.


  • Distinctive design
  • Undermount removal system
  • Works for a variety of spa shapes and sizes
  • Durable and heavy-duty
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Complete installation within minutes.
  • Adjustable height


  • Not applicable for inground spas or sunken

#5 Puri Tech Pivot Top Mount Spa & Hot Tub Cover Lift Removal System

pivot top mount cover lifter


  • Fits most spas up to 96″
  • Clearance Behind Spa: 10 to 15”
  • Clearance on Sides: 5”
  • Corner radius: up to 12”
  • Color: Black

This model is one of the best pivot top mount spa cover lifts.

Why Choose Puri Tech Pivot Top Mount Hot Tub Cover Lifter?

Made of premium-quality materials

Double-coated aluminum reduces the chance of rust. Moreover, the reinforced plastic bracket extends the cover lift’s life. Stainless steel hardware also helps to reduce rusting over time.

Padded hand grip

Included foam grips ensure comfortable handling.

Full-length middle crossbar

puri tech hot tub cover lifter
Puri Tech Hottub Cover Lifter

This feature makes it easy to lift and close the spa cover

3-hook towel rack included

This lifter comes with a handy towel rack for hanging up to three towels right where you need them most.


  • Top mount design
  • Nicely made
  • Easy to put together and handle
  • Very reasonable price


  • Installation instructions are not clear

#6 UCEDER Shelf-style Hot Tub Cover Lifter

self style cover lifter


  • Load capacity: 25 kg
  • Color: Black

If you’re on budget, then UCEDER Spa Cover Roller can be a very cost-effective solution to handle your spa cover. It is a money-saving and labor saving choice for removing/storing your swim spa cover.

Basically, these are not cover lifter, but they will offer you a simple way to handle your spa cover. Rather than lifting your bulky cover, the roller allows you fold and slide the cover off your hot tub and on the roller arms.

Why Choose UCEDER Hot Tub Cover Lifter Removal System?

One size really fits all!

This spa cover removal system works with all shape, size and brand of spa. It fits with square, octagonal, rectangular, and angled corner spas. It is perfect for in-ground, built-in and free- standing hot tubs and spas.

The brackets attach the cover lifter directly to your spa floor and adjust to fit in small spaces.

Made of high-quality materials

Plastic and Durable Waterproof Material makes this system strong enough to serve for a long time.

Super easy to operate

Each support arm sits on a pin, so there is nothing to unscrew or twist or turn.


  • Perfect for all sizes, shapes and type of hot tub
  • Made of the most durable weatherproof materials
  • Very easy to use
  • Folds snug against spa while not in use
  • Simple installation
  • Weather resistant
  • Reasonable price


  • A little flimsy for big cover

Best Hot Tub Cover Lifter Buying Guide

For making the right purchase you have to consider several factors. Let’s discuss them.

Hot tub Size

Measure your hot tub to learn its dimension. Hot tub or spa size is in selecting a cover lifter that will fit and work well. Most cover lift works on spa that are between 76 to 96 inches wide. Some models are also adjustable to suit your spa’s height.

Hot tub Shape

Hot tubs are available in different shapes- square, rectangular, triangle, round etc. Some lifter fits only with square or rectangular hot tub, while others only work with round ones. However, some models can fit with more than one shape.

Conveniently, some cover removal systems suit different shapes of hot tub such as square, round, rectangular, triangular, octagonal etc. So, before purchasing it’s important to check cover lifter compatibility.

Installation Option

Some styles require to permanently install into the hot tub cabinet. For installing this type, you have to drill hole on your spa cabinet.

On the other hand, free-style mounting lifter are also available. This mounting option doesn’t require to drill holes in your hot tub deck. In general, they come included with metal plates that you will need to slide underneath your hot tub base. For this, you have to empty your spa so that you can easily slide the plate underneath.

You also have to consider how is your spa installed- is it on a patio or deck? Or is it stand-alone or in-ground?

Cover Lifter Design

This hot tub accessory can hold your folded spa cover in different positions. Some models hold the folded cover at the upright position. This style offers you some privacy.

Some low-profile design holds the folded cover much lower to the ground to keep it completely out of the way. The hideaway storage of the cover offers you with a clean visual. So you can keep an eye on your pets, children or see you backyard while soaking in the tub

Before purchasing one, consider what design you prefer most.

Cover Lifter Type/ Ease of Operation

Based on the mechanism, this hot tub accessory can be manual or automated. Some are hydraulic.

In general, a manual pivot style cover lift features long, metal bar that run across the center of the hot tub cover. To operate this, you have to first fold the cover in half, then slightly lift it upwards and push back.

Hydraulic lifter features gas springs or pistons and shocks incorporated into the top bars. The piston helps to guide the folded cover up and back as the hydraulic arm takes the weight away.

Shelf style lifter includes foldable arms that you have to mount to the one end or any side of your hot tub deck.

An automated cover lifter lifts the cover off the ground and turns it into a temporary spa gazebo. And you can do all this with a simple turn on a switch.

Automatic hot tub cover lifters are expensive.

Clearance Space

It’s the most crucial factor to consider. Make sure how much space you have around your spa to handle your cover lift. Because, this accessory requires some space to open and stay off the tub.

Some cover lifter requires little space while others may require as much as feet behind the tub. If your cover lifter includes swinging pistons and arms, it’ll require side clearance to accommodate it.

Choose one that best suit your available space.

FAQs about Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Here is more about this handy product.

1. Are hot tub cover lifters worth it?

The answer is YES. A good-quality, well-made spa cover lifter will not only make your hot tub easier to use for every member of your family but also extend the life of the hot tub cover.

2. How much clearance do I need around my hot tub for a hot tub cover lifter?

It depends on the type of hot tub cover lifter. The spa cover lifting system that lifts the cover directly above the spa is a great space-saving solution. If your spa cover lifting system places the spa cover vertically behind your tub, it may require 18 inches of clearance on that side.

Shelf-style cover lifter requires a lot of clearance around the spa. It’s wise to measure your available space before buying one.

3. Can a cover lifter go on any side of a hot tub?

A manual pivot cover lifter can be mounted on either side, bottom, or back of your spa.

4. How much does a hot tub cover lifter cost?

Manual and shelf-style cover lifters are more affordable options than other types. They usually cost between $100 to $200. Hydraulic cover lifters are more expensive than manual types. Automatic hot tub cover lifters are the most expensive option.


I hope this write-up is helpful in your pursuit of the best spa cover lifter.

It’s time to favor your back and invest in the best hot tub cover lifter.

So, why are you waiting for?

Pick any of these spa cover lifters and make your life easier!

If you still need any other information about the hot tub cover lifter, feel free to contact me.