Can You Use a Hot Tub All Year Round?-(A big YES! here’s how)

Imagine how enjoyable it is to have a warm soaking in the hot tub when snow is falling outside!


How relaxing and soothing it is to enjoy a cool bath in your hot tub during warm seasons!

Hot tub or spa offers you the ultimate place to relax in the comfort of your home. Undoubtedly, after a long day of running errands, a refreshing soak in your hot tub is great for your overall fitness and wellbeing.

However, one of the burning questions is- can you use a hot tub all year round?

The short answer is a big YES!

Regardless of the season, you can jump in your spa tub.

I’m not kidding!

Let me explain.

Can You Use a Hot Tub All Year Round?- The Facts

using hot tub in winter
Using hot tub in winter

Snowflakes coming down?

No worry, you can enjoy soaking even in the outdoor hot tub!

When the winter is here, there is no better way than soaking in a bubbling outdoor hot tub to relax without freezing.

Sizzling summer sun?

Using hot tub in summer
Using hot tub in summer

You can soak in the hot tub even in the hottest time of the summer.

When it is hot out, you won’t like to take a warm bath in your hot tub. Sure, warm water is relaxing, but during the hottest day of the summer, a dip in the cool water is the only thing you have pictured on your mind.

Wondering how to use the hot tub year-round?

best hot tub

It is called “hot tub”, but you can change the water temperature to meet your needs.
Confused, how is it possible?

Modern hot tubs are designed to work throughout the year, even in cold temperatures or the hottest summertime. Most hot tubs come with various customizable features such as temperature controls, in-built insulation, and much more!

So, no matter whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter, you can use a hot tub anytime by adjusting the temperature you like. You can settle the spa water temperature-cool or warm- to suit the weather. Even you can totally off the hot tub heater so that it feels more like a pool.

Setting the right spa water temp is crucial. During the warm season, set the cool water mode to lower the temperature to the recommended level and enjoy a cool bath.

The preferred hot tub water temperature varies from person to person. The average temperature of the human body is 98.6-degree F. So, soaking in water with a temperature higher than this is soothing. But you can’t immerse yourself in water that is too hot or too cold than the recommended spa temp range.

The CDC and the CPSC recommended a safe temperature range is 78.8 to 104-degree F for healthy adults. Soaking for a long time and temperature below or above this range is unsafe. In addition, several factors including the age of the user, his/ her medical conditions affect the suggested hot tub water temperatures.

Can you set the temperature of the hot tub below 78.8-degrees F and above 104-Degree F?

No. It must not go below 78.8°F. Because soaking below this temp for a long time can be dangerous. Your body temp might drop too low which may cause life-threatening health conditions.

Again, your tub water temperature should never exceed 104-degree F. If you immerse for a long time in too high water temp, you could suffer heat stroke and many other health risks. Try to limit the temp to 100-degree F and soaking time to 15 minutes if you’re in good health conditions.

Tips to Use a Hot Tub in the Winter

By following the tips below you can completely enjoy your soaking time even on the coldest nights.

using hot tub in night
Using hot tub at night
  • Set the water temp between 100 to 104-degree F. This helps to keep the water reasonably warm in the event of a power outage.
  • If it is freezing weather, cover your spa securely with the hot tub cover or lid when not in use.
  • If ice or snow piles on the cover, carefully remove it. You can use a long-handled bristle broom to remove the ice- or snow build-up on the cover.
  • If you live in an extremely cold area with frequent power outages, using a floating thermal blanket on the water helps to minimize the heat loss and reduce running costs. I really like the Blue Wave NS480 12-mil Solar Blanket.
  • When soaking in, wear a winter hat. It’ll help your head and shoulder from the cool, crisp winter air. It’ll also help your body to regulate the internal body temperature.
  • Be mindful to stay well hydrated while you are in your hot tub. Because you can overheat even if the weather is cool.
  • If you want to elevate your spa experience, you can use hot tub aromatherapy products.
  • Wear slippers and a hot tub bathrobe as soon as you exit your spa.
  • The slippers should have good tread to prevent slipping hazards in case there is ice on the ground.
  • Regardless of the season, you should drain down your spa at least every 3 months.
  • Give a deep clean to your spa tub before the winter season sets in.
  • Placing a bucket towel warmer or a heated towel rack beside your spa tub will keep your bathrobe and towel warm and toasty. I really like the Zadro TWB Towel Warmer.
bucket towel warmer

Still wondering, can you use a hot tub all year round?

To sum it up: there’s no wrong time or season to soak in the hot tub.

You can soak at any time of the year by maintaining the water temperature. In the cold weather, it feels especially good as the water warms your body. It is refreshing and soothing during the hot season too.

Regular hot tub use offers you something that you want to take advantage of.

However, you need to strictly maintain the hot tub safety guidelines and consult with your doctor if you have any medical conditions.

So, are you ready to dive into your bubbling spa water?

Have fun enjoying your hot tubbing throughout the year!

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