Do I Need A Hot Tub Cover Lifter?- Your Answer is Here

If you currently own your dream spa tub, you might ask yourself – “do I need a hot tub cover lifter?”

The answer is- “Absolutely YES”.

Many spa owners don’t think having a cover lifter (also called an easy lift spa cover) is a big deal. They do not realize the importance of using a cover lifter for their hot tub.

When investing in your dream hot tub, I recommend adding a cover lifter to your purchase.

But WHY?

I’ve done all the research and written this post to explain the benefits of owning a hot tub cover removal system.

Continue reading to explore.

Why Do I Need A Hot Tub Cover Lifter?

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Every spa owner should have this hot tub accessory, because there are many great benefits to using a cover lifter for a hot tub.

Firstly, it makes handling the spa cover stress-free and fast.

The spa cover is a heavy product that may weigh up to 75 pounds depending on the size. In addition, over time it may get heavier due to moisture build-up.

The size, weight, and lack of proper leverage make this thing difficult and annoying to manage, especially if you handle it solo.

The huge benefit of a cover lifter is it makes opening and closing your hot tub fast and stress-free.

You can open the hot tub without assistance. The simple mechanism of the cover lifter reduces the strain exerted on your back and arms while handling the spa cover. It also protects you from injury while handling an unwieldy and heavy cover. Hot Tubber with physical limitations or older adults can benefit from a cover lifter.

But convenience isn’t the only reason to add a cover lift to your spa.

Secondly, it protects your hot tub and enhances the life of your spa cover.

Without a lifter, there is a risk your spa cover could be damaged as you take it on and off. Constant dragging and hauling the cover can cause it to wear and tear. Additionally, it may damage the frame, foam insulation, and surface of your hot tub.

Hot tub cover stands help to keep the cover off the ground. But at least one edge or corner of the cover might rest against the ground as you take it on and off your hot tub. Your cover may bang against the ground and get damaged.

A damaged cover permits moisture and allows heat to escape from the hot tub, affecting its energy efficiency and winding up your energy bill costing.

Dropping the cover to the ground each time you go to use the spa may cause dirt to build up which may wind up in the hot tub water later.

The cover lifter keeps the hot tub cover off the ground. So, it helps you to store the cover securely and away from the sharp object, pets, and dirt protecting it from potential damage. Thus, it extends the lifespan of your spa cover. Ultimately, it will save you money over time.

Additionally, an easy lift spa cover provides you with some privacy.

Depending on the style, a hot tub cover removal system may offer you some privacy. Spa cover lifter that holds the cover upright at one end blocks outsiders from viewing it.

You may want added privacy while in your hot tub. Many lifters hold the cover-up vertically, preventing outsiders from viewing it.

How to Remove Hot Tub Cover Lifter

In general, the cover lifter nests alongside the tub. Some models are designed to rest higher to create a privacy wall for you.

So, how does a spa cover work?

This accessory is usually fitted on one end of the hot tub. It features a control system to open and close the cover. There are also two small arms installed at both sides of the spa wall.

Most cover lifter includes a bar in the folding area of the cover.

To cover off with a manual hot tub cover lifter, you simply unclip the safety lock and fold the cover in half around over the top bar. Then, lift a few inches and push gently the half-folded cover back. The cover will rest on the bar, and lift off the tub surface. Some cover lifters hold the cover off the side of the spa and some may hold the cover upright to create a wall for privacy.

Automatic or pneumatic hot tub cover lifters work similarly. But you don’t need to lift or close it manually. The automatic cover lifter includes a button on the control panel. Press the button and your cover will lift off and back onto your spa smoothly and easily. Some smart cover lifters let you use a remote control or your smartphone for the cover to be open and close automatically.

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Clearance behind the spa is essential for the cover to be held in an open position.

Do I Need a Hot Tub Cover Lifter?-My Parting Shots…

To sum it up: Using a cover lifter is not just a matter of convenience. It’s an investment in protecting your hot tub as well as its cover.

The easier it is to cover and uncover your spa, the more likely you are to enjoy your spa regularly with a more pleasant experience.

Invest in the best quality hot tub cover lifter and save your money over time!

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