8 Most Popular Freestanding Bathtub Styles

Freestanding or standalone tubs are esthetically attractive and have become increasingly popular. Modern standalone bathtubs elevate the look of any bathroom décor. They are available in a multitude of designs or styles for all tastes.

If you’re planning to embark on this bathroom trend, first, familiar yourself with the different freestanding bathtub styles available. It’ll not only make your bathtub hunt easier but also ensure that you’re choosing the perfect style.

freestanding bathtub styles
Freestanding bathtub styles

Freestanding Bathtub Styles

Take a look at the 8 most popular styles of freestanding bathtubs.

1. Single backrest/ ended

vanity art freestanding bathtyb

It is a traditional and classic choice found in most traditional homes. This style features one inclined end that supports your back. The other end is reserved for the drain and tub faucet.

2. Elevated single backrest

Freestanding tub with elevated single backrest

One end of this bathtub features an elevated backrest to offer additional back comfort. Similar to the single backrest tub, the opposite end is for the drain and faucet.

3. Double Backrest/ ended

freestanding tub with double backrest

This style of tub comes with two ends, and you can use both ends as a backrest. But none of the ends is raised. However, both end walls are gently sloped, which provides you comfort. Large size bathtubs with double-ended can accommodate two bathers. Faucet and drain locations of this style are in the center of the tub sidewall.

4. Elevated double backrest/ Double slipper

freestanding double slipper tub

Double slipper tubs feature raised backrest on both ends that provide comfortable reclining at either side. Like the double-ended style, this tub has a faucet and drain location on the center of the side wall. Two bathers can use a double-slipper depending on the length of the tub.

5. Clawfoot

clawfoot freestanding tub

Clawfoot or legged freestanding tubs offer a traditional yet luxurious look. It is a popular style of tub today.

Leg style helps to make the bathroom look more open. This design is perfect for transitional homes or traditional spaces with a modern, minimalist style.

Clawfoot tubs are raised off the floor with stylish feet. This type of tub is often shallower than other styles of tub that makes it easy to clean.

These tubs are available in a wide variety of designs, such as single-ended, double-ended, single slipper, and double slipper.

6. Pedestal/ Skirted

freestanding pedestal tub

These tubs are molded with the look of a base or set upon a plinth or pedestal base. This design offers a trendy and modern look.

They can also be found in single and double-ended, single and double slipper designs.

7. Corner or Back-to-the-Wall

corner bathtub

These tubs are specially designed to fit against a wall or tucked into a corner, pretty tight, or awkward space. If your space is limited, still want to create a spa-like bathroom in your home, a corner bathtub is the best choice. This corner-bathing vessel is a great option to get the most out of your bath space’s square footage.

8. Japanese Soaking

soaker tub

Japanese soaking tubs are taller than other styles. Typically, they are smaller in length that makes them perfect to fit into tight spaces. These soakers can be as little as 40″ in length. The standard length is 60-inch.

Because of their deep interior, the average adult bather can submerge in water up to their shoulders. Conveniently, Japanese soakers include an integrated seat built into them.

This style features a center drain location. And the tub faucet mounts on the opposite end of the seat.


  • Standalone tubs are available in the one-piece model and two-piece model.

One-piece models include only a tub. In contrast, two-piece models include two pieces- a skirt and a drop-in tub.

In the two-piece model, the tub is inserted into the skirt. This type is easy to install. Moreover, it allows deck mount faucets. It is also great to add a massage system to your tub.

  • When it comes to faucets for standalone tubs, you’ll find three options.

These are freestanding faucets, deck mount faucets, and wall mount faucets. For any of the three styles of faucets for freestanding bathtubs, you need to know the tub style and dimensions.

Keep in mind that the spout should be long enough to clean the tub’s rim, but it won’t extend too far into the tub.

  • The shape of a tub also impacts the style. Standalone tubs can be round, oval, or rectangular shaped.

Round tubs merge both traditional and modern designs. Smooth edge provides a contemporary feel, while additional molding gives them a classic look.

Rectangular tubs that feature sharp and sleek lines add a modern look to any bathroom.

Oval tubs that come with pedestals and roll tops enhance the traditional feel.

If the shape of your tub matches the style of your shower space, it’ll create a harmonious atmosphere.


Freestanding tubs offer versatile styles that simply any other bathtubs can’t beat.

I hope this post on “freestanding bathtub styles” helps you a lot to decide on this bathroom remodeling trend.

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