11 Best Shower Stall Mats- Updated-list and In-depth Reviews

Shower mat is a handy addition to any shower stall. You can add safety and functionality to your shower stall with one of the best shower stall mats.

But the market is full of hundreds of options that can make you confused to get the best one. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles to suit different showers.

So to help you narrow it down, I’ve compiled a list of 11 favorites available on the market right now.

Without any hesitation, go through my shower stall mat reviews to make a wise buying decision.

11 Best Shower Stall Mats Reviews

During my shower stall mat search and research, I’ve found numerous products offered by different brands. Among them, I’ve picked 103 products from different well-known brands including SlipX Solutions, Gorilla Grip, BOWERBIRD, and finally short-listed 11 top- options.

My team of researchers and experts have collected and analyzed 10,000+ customer reviews through our data system to enlist and review best-selling shower mats.
Let’s find our top recommendations.

#1 Gorilla Grip Patented Shower Stall Mat (Model: 19962816628)

Best for smooth surfaces

best shower stall mat square


  • Size: 21″ x 21″
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Clear (Available in 20 colors)
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Suctions Cups: Yes

Our top-recommended Gorilla Grip square shower mat has received honest feedback from 11,000+ consumers with an average rating of 4.3 at the writing of this review.

This gripping mat is perfect for stand-up showers and small bathtubs. It is a great choice for the home, spa, gym, and more.

Why Choose It?

Generous Square Size

With 21 by 21 inches, this square-shaped shower mat is excellent to provide more coverage to your shower stall.

Hundreds of Powerful Suction Cups

Complete with over 100 powerful suction cups, the mat is slip-resistant. You can place it on the smooth shower stall, tub, and shower floor. IT stays where you put it, no sliding or slipping of the mat. So you’ll feel secure while standing on it.

Of course, it feels great on the feet, meaning it is not rough, it is not so smooth as to be slippery, and it keeps your feet well planted.

Many Small Drainage Holes

It features small holes throughout the mat to prevent water from pooling. It also prevents a moist underside to help keep mold and mildew at bay.

Machine Washable

The mat is easy to clean. You can wash it in the washing machine on cold with mild detergent.

A Massive Range of Color Options

Bring your shower time in a pop of color! This product is available in 20 colors. So, you have the option to choose the color that best fits your shower and enhances your bathroom oasis.


  • Incredibly well made
  • Larger and generously sized
  • Excellent coverage
  • Strong gripping power
  • Slip-resistant; safe to use
  • Soft on feet
  • Super easy to clean


  • Not for use on newly finished surfaces, and tiled surfaces

#2 SlipX Solutions Extra Large Square Shower Mat

Best for smooth surfaces

best extra large shower stall mat


  • Size: 27″ x 27″
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Translucent Gray (Available in 11 colors)
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Suctions Cups: Yes

Finally, a shower stall mat that provides you with enough room to move!
If you’re looking for a non-slip, extra-large shower stall mat for a smooth surface, then this 27 x 27 square mat is perfect for you. It is an exclusive product to the SlipX Solutions brand.

Why Choose It?

Great Extended Coverage

Standard shower mats do not offer enough coverage. On the other hand, bath mats have the wrong shape for a shower stall. The SlipX Solutions® Extra Large Shower Stall Mat has exactly what size you need.

With 27” W x 27” L, it fits standard shower stalls. Notably, it provides 65% more coverage than any standard shower stall mats! 27″ diameter means it provides you edge-to-edge slip resistance.

100 Strong Suction Cups Keep Mat in Place

It is also one of the best non-slip stall mats for the elderly & kid’s bathroom. Its durable and strong material provides increased slip protection and peace of mind. It features 100 suction cups that keep it firmly in place on non-textured surfaces.

Water Drains Easily

Dozens of mini surface holes throughout the mat plus a large center drain hole allow surface water to drain easily.

Folds for Easy Storage

When not in use, you can hang the mat for quick drying and convenient storage. It is machine washable in warm water with a mild detergent.


  • Largest stall mat on the market
  • Highly slip-resistant
  • Perfect for seniors and kids bathroom
  • Excellent drainage
  • Easy to care for and store


  • Not perfect for refinished, tiled, and textured surfaces

#3 Yimobra Square Bath Shower Tub Mat for Bathroom (Model: MSPM01G)

Best for smooth surfaces

best square shower stall mat


  • Size: 21″ x 21″
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: –
  • Color: Clear Gray (Available in 13 colors)
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Suctions Cups: Yes

This square mat is perfect for showers with smooth, non-textured shower flooring. It also fits great inside the tub. It can be a great choice for home, spa, gym, and more.

Why Choose It?

169 Special Big Suction Cups

With hundreds of big suction cups, this mat provides reliable non-slip traction. If an elderly family member of your family needs something that will make him/her safe when showering, this anti-slip mat can be the best choice.

Comfortable on Feet

The anti-slip power grip produces a smooth feeling to your feet. It is soft enough to feel just rounded but firm enough to keep your feet from slipping.
The pebble design provides a massage experience in shower time.

Unique Drain Holes

The excellent Drainage Design of this Yimobra bath shower mat gives you greater flexibility for drains that are in a typical location. It includes total149 drain holes where the bigger holes allow water to pass through ASAP.


Yimobra MSPM01G is safe and clean. It is BPA-, Phthalate- and latex-free. So, you can rest assured using this mat in your home.


  • Well-made and very sturdy
  • Comfortable to stand
  • Secure; very much non-slip
  • Very quick water drainage
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Safe to use
  • No Chemical smell
  • Not easy to hide dirt


  • Not for use on textured, tiled, or non-smooth surfaces.

#4 SUPENUIN Non Slip Shower Mat

Best for textured surfaces

best shower mat for seniors


  • Size: 24″ x 24″
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: high quality PVC
  • Color: Grey (Available in 3 colors)
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Suctions Cups: No

If you’re looking for a comfortable and wonderful shower mat that sticks quite well to the textured shower floor, then this mat from SUPENUIN is perfect for you.

SUPENUIN non-slip soft textured shower mat is cozier for you and safer for kids. It is designed without suction cups, making it especially ideal for textured and smooth surfaces alike. It is a perfect addition to your bathroom, shower room, even for swimming pools, nursing homes, hospitals, childcare facilities, schools, etc.

Why Choose It?

Generous Size-More space for Your Showering

24”x 24” square shape provides you ample active coverage for comfortable movement in your shower.

Looks Good, Feels Great

High-quality loofah-style textures feel soft on feet. It also offers a nice massage experience while showering.

Instead of a central drainage hole, the loofah-style construction allows water to pass through the mat.

Children and the Elderly Welcome

This non-slip shower mat lets you safely step in and out without fear of slipping. The lattice backing makes this mat super anti-skid. Ordinary bath mats become slippery after using shower gel or bath oil. But, this is not the case with this SUPENUIN bath mat.

The anti-slip design at the bottom of the mate makes it better at gripping the floor even when the rubber backing gets wet. It helps to keep the mat in place without damaging the floor.

Special Design for Quick Drainage

Instead of a central drain hole, the waterproof loofah-like construction lets water pass through quickly without being blocked.

Easy to Care

Just rinse the foam off the stall mat with your showerhead. Hang it over the tub or shower door after each use.


  • Designed for a textured surface
  • Perfect for wet area
  • Mildew resistant
  • Soft; comfortable on feet
  • Good grip without suction cups
  • Non-slip; safe to use
  • Outstanding drainage
  • Quick-drying
  • Easy-clean and maintain


The manufacturer doesn’t specify whether it is machine-washable or not. That means you have to wash it by hand. But, several users have given it a go in the washing machine without any problem.

#5 SlipX Solutions Versatile Expandable Bath & Shower Safety Mat System (4 Pack)– (Powerful Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection)

Best for smooth surfaces

best shower stall safety mat


  • Manufacturer‏: ‎ Venturi
  • Size: 12” per tiles (custom size)
  • Shape: Expandable
  • Material: high-quality PVC Vinyl
  • Color: Aqua, Clear
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Suctions Cups: Yes

SlipX Solutions expandable bath & shower safety mat system is an amazing and wonderful product. It is versatile, customizable, anti-slip, and antimicrobial. Overall, it is well worth the money.

Why Choose It?

Perfect Solution for any/ Irregular Shower Stall

This expandable shower mat is amazing to accommodate any size tub or shower stall. It provides essential coverage to RV showers, super spacious walk-in showers, curved shower stalls, and wherever irregular shaped or sized slippery surfaces are found.

Conveniently, you can customize the coverage by adding, removing, or trimming the mat tiles to fit exactly how you want it.

Each pack contains four tiles that provide 12” x 12” of coverage. There are connection tabs/ points on every side of each mat tile allowing you to customize your desired coverage.

Easily Trimmable with Scissors

You can trim the mat tiles as needed. It lets you achieve a custom fit around corners, off-center drain, built-in benches, and more. It is also great for oval, alcove, and corner bathtubs or showers.

Improves Traction on All Kinds of Slippery Spots

Each tile section of this safety mat utilizes plentiful suction cups that attach it to all kinds of slippery surfaces. Each section also features a unique surface texture to enhance grip and provide peace of mind.

Built-in Antimicrobial Protection

Powerful antimicrobial Microban technology keeps odor-causing mold and mildew at bay. It also inhibits the growth of stains.


  • Versatile design
  • Customizable size and shape to fit showers and tubs of all sizes
  • Easy to trim
  • Good drainage
  • Highly resistant to mold and mildew
  • BPA free
  • Machine washable in warm water


  • Designed for use on smooth surfaces only

#6 BOWERBIRD Original Anti-Fatigue Shower Stall Mat (4 Interlocking Tiles)

Best for textured and smooth surfaces

best anti fatigue shower stall mat


  • Manufacturer: ‎ BOWERBIRD
  • Size: 27”x 27” (also available in 21”x 21”)
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: high density foamed material
  • Color: Grey, Cream
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Suctions Cups: No

If you’re suffering from any sort of foot soreness, or just don’t like to stand on a hard or cold floor while showering, this BOWERBIRD anti-fatigue, extra-thick shower stall mat is a life changer.

It includes 4 interlocking tiles that require only a few seconds for installation.

Why Choose It?

27”x 27”- Large in Size

This generous size offers you more space for your showering. It provides 65% more coverage than any standard shower stall mats! Of course, it is also available in standard 21” by 21” size.

Extraordinarily Soft & Extra-Thick

Made of high-density foamed material, this mat resists fatigue and relieves foot pain in your shower. It offers perfect cushioning for senior feet. Say goodbye to the cold hard floor while showering with this ¾-inch thick mat.

The Hollow Outlet For Easy Water Drainage

Multiple drain holes and raised bottom ensure good drainage. Plus the Closed cell structure makes the mat non-absorbent. The bottom of the big dots fit the ground.


  • Perfect for people with feet issues
  • Extra-thick and comfortable cushioning
  • Easy draining; no blackening
  • Anti-bacterial
  • BPA-, Latex-, Phthalate-free


  • Not recommended to use inside the bathtub, as the mat will float.
  • You have to install complimentary anti-slip stickers on the bottom if you use it on the very smooth surface. (If you’re looking for the best no-slip mat, this is not for you.)

#7 SlipX Solutions Round Shower Stall Mat

Best for smooth surfaces

best round shower stall mat


  • Manufacturer: ‎Venturi
  • Size: 23 Inch Diameter
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Color: Blue (Available in 4 colors)
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Suctions Cups: Yes

This round shower stall mat is specially shaped and sized to provide convenient floor coverage in any standard shower stall.

Made of high-quality vinyl, this mat is durable for years of use.

Why Choose It?

Generous Size

Generous 23 inches diameter of this mat provides the necessary space to move while showering.

Excellent Slip-Protection

This round shower mat is designed to stick to a smooth surface and provide the necessary traction. More than 80 suction cups ensure reliable slip protection. It lays flat and you’ll feel secure while standing on it. Your Elderly family members will also appreciate the mat’s traction.

Easy to Maintain

For easy cleaning and maintenance, simply hang and line dry after use or machine wash with your everyday laundry.

Excellent Drainage

It comes with a large center hole (3 inches in diameter) and many small holes for easy drain.


  • Provides generous coverage for shower stalls
  • Reliable Slip-Resistance
  • Excellent built-quality
  • Durable
  • Great drainage
  • Cleans very easily
  • Made in the USA


  • It does not contain Microban or has any added antibacterial properties.

#8 Webos Silicone Foldable Square Shower Mat

Best for textured surface

foldable mat for shower stall


  • Manufacturer: ‎Webos
  • Size: 21”x 21” Inch
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: 100% silicone with high quality formula
  • Color: White (Available in 5 colors)
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Suctions Cups: No

Webos Silicone Safety Matt is a perfect addition to your bathroom or stand-up shower stall. The unique design is skin-friendly, cozy, and flexible, feeling comfortable for several years.

Why Choose It?

Made from 100% Silicone with High-Quality Formula

This shower stall safety mat has a fine texture surface. It is much softer and much comfortable than traditional rubber mats. Most importantly, it is eco-friendly.

Honeycomb Texture Design for Anti-Slip

Instead of suction cups, this mat features Honeycomb texture design at the bottom. No worry! it provides an excellent anti-slip effect and fits perfectly for textured floors. What’s more, it produces a smooth feeling to your feet and won’t damage any refinished floor of shower stalls.

Quickly Drain Excess Water

Big drain holes in the middle and small drain holes all over the mat work together for easy water drainage and quickly dry after use.

Easy to Fold Away

You can fold the mat when not in use for space-saving.


  • High-quality
  • Beautiful design and colors
  • Cozy for a long time
  • Soft and full elastic
  • No suction cups, anti-slip
  • Easy to install firmly
  • Foldable for space-saving
  • BPA-, Latex-, Phthalate-free


  • Not recommended for senior citizens

#9 Eanpet Corner Shower Stall Mat

Best for smooth surface

best corner shower stall mat


  • Manufacturer: ‎ Eanpet
  • Size: 27.5”x 27.5” Inch
  • Shape: Triangle
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Color: Grey, Beige
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Suctions Cups: Yes

If you’re looking for a triangle shape mat for your bathtub, corner shower, or shower stall, this one from Eanpet will be your best choice.

Why Choose It?

Great Coverage

27.5”x 27.5” triangle mat provides maximum coverage ability. Of course, it is also available in 21”x21” triangle size for adult kids. Its CORNER SHAPE DESIGN perfectly combines with the corner shower stall, camper, and RV shower.

Made of Vinyl

The high-quality vinyl construction makes this product durable. The non-skid surface helps to avoid slipping and keeps safe the adults and kids.

Massage Bubble Design

This unique surface design makes your feet feel comfortable. It allows you to enjoy foot massage services while taking a bath.

Strong Traction on the Non-Textured Surface

The strong suction cups easily absorb the ground and help the mat to attach strongly to any smooth surface. It prevents slippery floors bringing a safe and secure shower experience.

Quickly Drainage

There are a lot of small drain holes throughout the mat for quick drainage.


  • Nicely made
  • Great quality
  • Looks stylish
  • Very comfortable and thin
  • Anti-skid and safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Drain fast


  • A few reviewers reported that it fades quickly after use.

#10 i frmmy Bathroom Stall Mat

Best for textured and non-smooth surfaces

best non slip shower stall mat


  • Manufacturer: ‎ NOMM
  • Size: 25” (L) x 16”(W) Inch
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Grey, Blue, purple, brown
  • Machine Washable: No
  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Suctions Cups: Yes

If you’re looking for the best non-slip shower stall mat for a textured surface, then this one from i frmmy can be a great buy for you. Both the bottom and the surface of this shower mat are designed to protect from slipping or siding. It is perfect for shower stalls, tub showers, spas, hotels, saunas, and so on.

Why Choose It?

High-quality Plastic Construction

Made of high-quality plastic material PP and TPE, this bath math is sturdy and long-lasting. It emits no smell. And it is healthy for you.

Slotted Panels & Wave Textured Surface Design

It is comfortable on foot and provides exceptional traction while showering. The textured design protects from hazardous falls, making it perfect for children and the elderly. Even this safety mat won’t be slippery after using shower gel.

Unique Vented Design

Its vented design keeps it dry by allowing water and air to easily drain through. The clever design with drain hole panels makes it fast to drain water, easy to clean, dry off and roll up for convenient storage.

122 Individual Big Suction Cups

ifrmmy shower mat’s suction cups are made of TPE. Each cup is 0.78 inches in diameter and is relatively soft. So, these are tightly adsorbed on the floor surface to produce a better anti-skid effect.

Customizable Size

This rectangular mat is 25 inches long and 16 inches wide. However, you can trim it as your need. Again, if you need more coverage, you can buy more pieces and lay them together side by side.


  • Perfect for the elderly and children
  • Highly slip-resistant surface design
  • Good traction and stability on the floor
  • Easy to clean, dry off & manage


  • Hand wash only

#11 SUNGAHO Shower Bath Mat Round

Best for: smooth surfaces

best mat for shower stall


  • Manufacturer: ‎ SUNGAHO
  • Size: 18.1” x 18.1”
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Grey
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Drain Holes: Yes
  • Suctions Cups: Yes

Here is another excellent and functional circular-shaped mat for the Shower Stall, tub, and bathroom. You can place it on a smooth surface and press to fix the suction cup to prevent slipping.

Soft and Anti-slip

The front of this made features raised rings that ensure a non-slip surface. The bottom features 28 individual suction cups made of silicone material. So, it grips the smooth floor tightly.

Spa-like Aesthetic

This foot scrubbing pad also offers a massage function. It allows you to enjoy a foot massage while taking shower.


  • Unique round design
  • Foot massage function
  • Anti-slip, safe to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Available only in grey color.
  • Tiny drain hole; one reviewer reported that the drainage of this product is not good.

Best Shower Stall Mats Buying Guide

These 11 shower stall mats are most popular at the market right now. They are great in terms of quality to price ratio.

But wait?

Which one is right for you.

There are several factors to consider while choosing the right one for your needs.
Let’s find out how to buy the right shower stall mat for your need.

1. Consider your shower space, along with the size and shape of the mat

As I’ve mentioned earlier, shower stall mats come in a range of sizes, shapes, and styles. They can be square, rectangular, round, or triangle. Again, your shower stalls may vary in size. So, it is important to consider the shape and measure the size of your shower stall to ensure your selected mat will fit well.

2. Construction Materials

Shower stall mats are constructed from rubber, plastic, PVC. All of these offer a sturdy surface to stand on and are easy to maintain. However, the material certainly plays a big part in how it feels on foot.

3. Anti-skid Property

The most important quality of a shower stall mat is that it should have a slip-resistant surface and stay in place. Make sure to opt for an anti-slip mat to make it safe to get in and out of the shower without the risk of slipping.

Keep in mind that the bottom of some mats is designed for smooth surfaces while some are ideal for the textured floor.

SUPENUIN 24 x24 is one of the best shower mats for tile floors.

Many shower mats incorporate suction cups at the bottom that helps the mat to attach securely to smooth surfaces. On the negative, suction cups often don’t affix properly to textured or tiled flooring.

Therefore, unless your shower stall floor has a smooth surface, go for a mat without suction cups.

i frmmy (model: 4336306117) is one of the bet Best non-slip shower mats available.

4. Drain Hole

Not only can pooling water on the shower mat create a slippery surface to stand on, but it can also lead to mold and mildew. So, it is important to select mats with drainage slots or holes that allow water to pass through. Drain holes also prevent grime from growing as quickly.

Gorilla Grip Patented Shower Stall Mat (Model: 19962816628) offers excellent drainage and prevents a moist underside.

5. Easy Cleaning

No matter how much drainage your selected shower stall mat offers, though, you’ll need to wash your mat regularly. With that in mind, purchase a mat that’s easy to clean, dry, and maintain. A machine-washable version is always a plus!

Best Shower Stall Mats-My Parting Words

Hopefully, this comprehensive list of best shower stall mats and my in-depth reviews helps you to find the perfect solution for your style and your home.

Without any doubt, you can pick an of these shower stall mats that will best fit your need.

Enjoy your bath time at ease and safe.

Good Luck!

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