How to Stop Floating in Hot Tub- 6 Handy Tips

Are you having a hard time sitting in the hot tub seats due to floating? Looking for how to prevent it?
Then, this post on “how to stop floating in hot tub” can help you a lot.

Water immersion makes the tub users lighter or buoyant. So, floating in the hot tub is a real thing but it is also an individual thing.

Like hot tubs, people come in various sizes and shapes. Certainly, some bathers float more than others. Again, children and teens present another challenge where hot tub seating is concerned.
Hot tub bathing rejuvenates your body and mind. But it’s important to stay down in the seat when the jets are on so that you can enjoy the massage.

After all, it’s difficult to relax and get therapeutic benefits if you float and use muscles to keep yourself stable in the moving water.

But no worry!

There are various ways to prevent floating in hot tub.

Here I’ve put together several tips to eliminate your floating concern.

How to Stop Floating in Hot Tub

So, how do you keep from floating in a hot tub? To learn, continue reading.

how to stop floating in hot tub
how to stop floating in hot tub

1. Experiment with different hot tub seating options

Your height, weight, and water depth in the tub affect your buoyancy in the tub or pool.
People with shorter stature are more likely to float. They’re not being able to grip onto the floor, not for their lightweight. Rather this is because, their feet are struggling to reach the tub floor, where other people may have an additional grip with their feet.

different hot tub seating options
different hot tub seating options

A well-designed hot tub offers a wide variety of seating options. Different seats have different heights and backrest angles.

So, if you have a tub with multiple seating options, you can test out the different seats to ensure you can comfortably reach the tub floor while in a seated position.

2. Use the foot dome or ledge in your tub/ spa to stay in place

A foot dome or ledge is a slightly raised ridge on the inside bottom of the tub floor. If your tub/ spa has a foot dome, try to use your feet to grip onto this to prevent floating and stay in place.

3. Don’t sit on the hot tub lounger

Many hot tubs include several types of seats, including a lounge. A lounger in the hot tub allows you to recline back. So while sitting on a lounger, you’re almost lying horizontally. This position raises your feet, and you can lean back your head on the headrest.

Although sitting on a lounger is very relaxing, many users feel it worse for floating. If your hot tub comes with a lounger, and you face a floating-issue while sitting on it, my suggestion is -avoid the longer and try an upright seat instead.

4. Lower the water level in the tub

Lowering the water level may be useful in helping you float less. It’ll decrease the water depth and keep less of your body underwater preventing you from floating.

For a shallower soak, simply drain a small amount of water from your hot tub. However, make sure the jets are entirely submerged in water, otherwise, your pump may risk at the airlock. Never lower the water level than the highest set of jets.

5. Use a no-float weighted belt

It’s a no-float accessory, specifically designed to use in water. Water-resistant materials such as marine-grade sewing thread and zipper are used to make this product. So, it won’t fade or rot.

No matter what’s your age and body type, you can use a weighted belt to prevent you from floating. It’ll help you weigh down and prevent you from floating.

Simply, fill the belt with marbles, BB’s, pea gravel, or even large aquarium gravel. Then, sit in your tub and place the belt across your lap. You can even use a weighted belt in the lounger.

6. Try a booster seat for the hot tub

People with shorter stature have trouble floating in hot tubs. Sometimes, they are being pushed forward by the spa jets, and push out of their desired location, and floating up. They find themselves uncomfortably too low, particularly in deeper spas.

In this case, you could try a hot tub booster seat. This type of cushion elevates your seated position and provides comfort while you soak in your tub.

best hot tub booster seat

Submersible water seats or weighted cushions are specifically designed for spa and hot tub usage. They are mildew-resistant, rugged, and able to withstand extended underwater use. They are also quick drying in most cases.


That’s it!

I hope, you’ve enjoyed reading this post and find any of these tips helpful to solve your floating-issue in the hot tub.

Enjoy and improve your spa experience!

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